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I see in my golf diary there's a "Bogey" Competition to be held next weekend. What's a Bogey competition?

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The competition is played hole by hole. If a player shoots a birdie or better he wins that hole and marks it with a +. If a player shoots a bogey or worse he loses the hole and marks it down with a -. A player halves the hole if they shoot par and this is marked with a 0. The lost holes are subtracted from the won holes to give a final score.


  • Hole 1 - Par 3

You shoot a Par. Result 0

  • Hole 2 - Par 5

You shoot a 3. Result +

  • Hole 3 - Par 4

You shoot an 8. Result -

  • Hole 4 - Par 6

You shoot an 4. Result +

End Result: 0, +, -, + = +1

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In Ireland we call this format V-Par because you are completing against (versus) par.

It is essentially the same as playing match play against par on every hole. Like in match play there are only three outcomes for each hole, (Win, Halve, Loss).

Unlike match play you must play all 18 holes even if you are for example 3 up with 2 holes left. So if you beat par on 6 holes, lost on 4 holes and halved the other 8 your total score would be 2 up.

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