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I was inspired to ask this question given instant replay was mentioned in this thread: Why is FIFA against adding instant replay to the game?

At this current time and for the 2012 season, has baseball changed any rules regarding instant replay?

Also, does the mlb use instant replay at all and in which cases do they use instant replay to review officiating?

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Especially in the play-offs, IR needs to be implemented in close calls.Umpires after all are human. – user881 Oct 26 '12 at 1:18
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According to Wikipedia, the MLB has had instant replay since Aug. 28, 2008. It is used for determining:

  • Fair (home run) or foul.
  • Whether the ball actually left the playing field.
  • Whether the ball was subject to spectator interference.

For the 2012 season:

Instant Replay will expand to include fair and foul calls and balls that was [sic] caught, or trapped by the player catching the ball. It will also expand interference reviews beyond the home run boundary to all walls.

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