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If a batsman hits the ball inside the ground and begins running between the wickets and now the ball is thrown back to the Fielder/Bowler/WK(FBWK)

  • If the FBWK catches the ball in one hand and hits the stumps with other hand before the batsman gets reached, is this a run out?
  • If the FBWK catches the ball in hands and hits the stumps with leg or any other part of his body before the batsman gets reached, is this a run out?

This scenario can occur, when the ball was thrown far away from stumps.

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No, the batsman cannot be run out in both these scenarios.

For a batsman to be dismissed by run out, his wicket needs to be put down. What this means is defined by Law 28 of the Laws of cricket. The wicket is put down if the person holding the ball hit the stumps with his hand or arm, and provided that the ball is held in the hand or hands so used, or in the hand of the arm so used.

Reference (Checkout the 5th part of Wicket Put Down)

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