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Is it possible to dismiss a batsman by stumping off a fast bowler with the wicket keeper not standing up to the stumps?

To be more specific, for stumping a batsman, is it mandatory to keep the ball within the hands?(since the keeper has to throw the ball to stump the batsman when standing in the normal position for a fast bowler)

If the WK throws the ball to the stumps before the batsman returns to the crease, is this a runout or stumping? (the batsman is not intending to take a run)

Most of the WK are trying to throw the ball with under-arm in this scenario. Are there any rules regarding that?

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  • It is not mandatory to keep the ball within the wicket keeper's hand to stump the batsman. He can put the wicket down with ball in his hand or thrown on to the stumps.
  • It will be given stumped out even if the keeper throws the ball to the stumps keeping that there is no subsequent contact between the ball and any other member of the fielding side

Source - Rules of Cricket - Law 39.

  • Regarding your final question, there is no rule as how to throw the ball to the stumps. Wicket Keepers often does that because it's quite difficult to throw the ball in upper arms wearing the keeper gloves(WK gloves cannot be folded). So it is better to throw under arm to get more control over throwing.
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These days stump out has become an obvious thing since there is a pressure of hitting runs even for a respectable delivery.And batsmans carelessness is also a major factor so is case with India in ICCT20 U19 WC. Rishab Pant has been dismissed by a stumping in a seamer's over.

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I remember Virat Kohli getting Kevin Pietersen out stumped with a wide. While Virat Kohli wouldn't be considered a fast bowler, I have seen many instances when Dhoni comes up to the stumps even to bowlers like Ishant Sharma.
So, if Kohli can get a stumping like that, then so can the rest.

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This is not the correct example for answering the question. if the keeper is nearer to the stumps for the fast bowler, he can hit the stumps with the ball kept within the hand. The question is whether the keeper can throw the ball to the stumps for stumping. – Sports Fan Apr 3 '14 at 6:47

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