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Debut match of the player, he faces the last ball of the inning when his team requires 6 runs to win. He hits the last ball for a six, its called a no-ball by the umpire. What will be the strike rate of that player, as per statistics, after the match?

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No-ball is also included for calculating strike rate and in the above case since he has hit 6 in the no-ball, his strike rate will be 600.

Here is a sample score card which says that the ball faced by Yagnik is 24. If you check the commentary, you can see that he has faced 24 balls out of which 2 were no balls(both of them are shown as 11.3).

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So how many legal deliveries has he faced ? What will be his personal score ? 6 runs in 1 ball or 6 runs in 0 balls ? – NINCOMPOOP Apr 17 '13 at 17:55
6 runs in 1 ball. No-ball just gives an extra run and bowler has to bowl extra ball. For batsman it is still a ball he faced. Check the sample score card link. You can understand from that how they calculated it. – iDev Apr 17 '13 at 17:56

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