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Strikes have always been tallied for a batter. Since the era of "pitch counts," they have been counted for a pitcher also, to estimate his efficacy.

My understanding is that any pitch in the "strike zone" (over the plate, between the shoulders and the knees), counts as a strike for the pitcher, whether it actually is, is put into play, or is fouled by the batter for "no third strike."

But suppose a pitcher throws a pitch that is objectively a ball (outside of the strike zone). Except that the batter swings with one of the following results: 1) puts the ball in play, 2) swings and misses or fouls for a strike 3) swings for a foul, no "third strike."

Is this pitch counted as a strike under any or all of the above three scenario?

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A pitcher is credited with a strike in the following circumstances:

  • A called strike
  • Any pitch where the batter makes contact

A pitcher is credited with a ball in the following circumstances:

  • A called ball
  • A HBP

That's basically it, those are the four scenarios for a pitch, it's called a ball, it's called a strike, it's contacted by the batter and it hits the batter.

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To be pedantic, the other possibility is "swinging strike". But that obviously counts as a strike. – Nate Eldredge Nov 10 '13 at 4:04

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