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For fantasy basketball I want to quantify a player's output based on his Points, Rebounds, Assists, Steals, 3s, and Blocks production.

Let's say that over the course of a season there are total of 245,000 Points, 100,000 Rebounds, 53,000 Assists, 18,000 steals, 12,000 blocks, and 16,000 3points recorded over the course of an imaginary season.

How do I weight each stat category so that I know what 1 block might be worth in points, assists, or in any of the other categories?

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Based on the numbers you've given here (and those are obviously completely arbitrary, but this should make sense even with the real numbers for a season).

We're going to scale this to 10,000. This is the smallest order of magnitude in your given scores, and so it makes the most sense as the scale. What we're going to assume is that there are 10000 points available in your fantasy season, and in order to score a point, a player must accumulate 1/10000th of the total points available in that category. So as follows:

  • 24.5 points is 1 point
  • 10 rebounds is 1 point
  • 5.3 assists is 1 point
  • 1.8 steals is 1 point
  • 1.2 blocks is 1 point
  • 1.6 3 pointer is 1 point

This gives you a properly scaled measure for determining the values of various categories and ranking players.

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