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Basically the one thing which i know about run rate is,it is calculated by dividing runs scored to number of overs.But my question is How to calculate the run rate midway through an over?If say a team scores 223 runs in 43.5 overs,how would you calculate the run rate?

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Run rate is calculated for how many runs are scored in an over i.e. how many runs per six balls. So you just need to convert completed overs in balls. Then calculate the run rate with respect to six balls.

So in the above example completed balls is 43 X 6 = 258 + 5 balls. So total completed balls is 263. So now calculate with respect to six balls. So if 223 runs in 263 balls then how many runs in 6 balls? So 223 X 6 / 263 = 5.087 runs per over.

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Thanks..that was useful.! – Otnas Dec 30 '13 at 15:49

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