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Does the bowler get to bowl an extra ball in the over if he gets a hat trick? If I remember right, this used to be the practice/rule earlier, but probably not so now. Thanks in advance.

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From Law 22:

1. Number of balls

The ball shall be bowled from each end alternately in overs of 6 balls.

So only six legal balls are allowed to bowl in an over and no exception is given there. And why should he given extra ball to bowl? I can't see any logic here.

Note: There is no any law for Hat-trick in Cricket laws.

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Absolutely. Also, giving the bowler an extra ball could actually be a bonus to the batsman - it's an extra ball to score off. That wouldn't make sense - why penalise the bowler? – Spinner Jan 31 '14 at 11:10

Not at all !

A hattrick is just a fancy informal term to describe 3 wickets taken in 3 consecutive deliveries by a bowler.

And the bowler doesn't get any extra ball for a hattrick !

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The bowler may be presented with the ball at the end of the innings, as a trophy for his achievement.

So yes, he would recieve an extra ball - in another sense.

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