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My wife's made me watch a lot of ice dancing in the past, and have no recollection of any reference to a "twizzle". This year, it seems like it's standard jargon that any enthusiast should know.

What exactly is a "twizzle"?

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A twizzle is when a skater executes a rotational turn with one foot while continuing to move across the ice simultaneously(1). This term is most common in ice dancing than other forms of ice skating.

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Twizzles need to be continuous in movement and in rotation. For instance in a single forward Twizzle, a skater would make a full rotation from forward to forward in either direction. The desired tracing on the ice would look like a tight double three turn (forward-backward-forward edge) and if the rotation would not be fluid it would be just this turn. In other words a Twizzle is a cross between a spin and a three turn. It is more fluid than consecutive three turns but neither centred nor loopy as a spin.

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