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can anyone tell me whose autograph this is? i got this as a kid and its definitely a national league player as its on a national league ball. would have been in the mid-late 90s when i got it signed.

enter image description here

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Boy that's a tough one! I thought maybe I could make out Corey Koskie... but he was in the AL. If you get the first name, you can try a search on www.baseball-reference.com and see who comes up. I've envisioned that being maybe Casey or Joey or Jay or Larry. But man, so hard to tell... Ben's right, there's not one absolutely clear letter, and that makes it tough. So idea what team? –  JeopardyTempest Feb 19 at 22:12
Any chance the signature is upside-down in the photo? If you look at it upside-down, it almost looks like it ends in "Jr." –  Ben Miller Feb 20 at 16:54
What ballpark did you get it in? –  Jacob G Feb 20 at 18:02
I immediately thought Corey Koskie as well; it's close to some versions of his autograph that I found online, but he played for the Twins & Jays (AL) from 1998-2005, and one year with the Brewers (NL) in 06. I even tried tweeting him.. his reply was "no idea". –  mikejeep Mar 5 at 4:31
Matt, by what team or where were you living near as a kid? –  Chrismas007 Nov 25 at 19:58

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Just because it's a National League Baseball doesn't mean the player has to be, someone could have brought their own ball to be signed. The dot above the end of signature would seem to mean "i" at end of the name which would fit Koskie. I did a google image search of Corie Koskie autograph, but inconclusive.


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