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I've only been playing table tennis/ping-pong for about ~3 months now at work. Some of these guys are brutal when it comes to spin. While I have gotten a lot better at handling top/bottom spin, I am still trying to get a handle on some of the side spins.

I started off with a nice paddle but it had a lot of spin control and I was just shooting the balls all over the place. I swapped to a cheaper, lower end paddle with a lower spin control rating and it was working very well.

I did a bit of research on paddles, techniques, etc and found that rubber with no spin control could be used to return the ball with the original spin so the opponent has to deal with the spin. I decided my strategy was to use a paddle with no spin control and work on my angles and attacks. This way I'm not always trying to defend against spin. It was working out very well and I started to win some games.

Then, I cleaned my paddle. Now the rubber is tacky and I have the same issue, defending against spin. I've tried wiping my finger oils on the rubber, I've tried olive oil (which I just found out does the opposite of what I wanted!) and even tried dusting it.

How can I get my rubber to not be sticky/tacky again?

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