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I could not understand the difference between these two. What is the difference between swing bowling and seam bowling? How does both differ? Can a swing bowler do seam bowling too?

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Both of these styles of bowling are performed by bowlers who are medium pace or fast bowlers. A swing bowler tries to deceive the batter by getting sideways movement through the air (known as 'swing' in cricket). By contrast, a seam bowler tries to get sideways movement off the pitch by landing the ball right on the seam so that it may deviate one way or the other if it hits an imperfection (such as a crack or lump) on the pitch.

Generally speaking, a swing bowler will try and 'pitch the ball up' landing the ball closer to the batter. This is because it allows more time in the air for swing to occur, and makes the batter more likely to play a straight bat shot (such as a drive) that might cause them to misplay the ball and get out if they don't pick up the swing. On the other hand, a seamer will generally pitch the ball a little shorter in order to hit the pitch harder (i.e. have a more vertical impact) in order to get more out of any deviation off the pitch.

There are certainly some bowlers who can be classed as predominantly swing bowlers and others who are mostly seam bowlers, but most medium and fast bowlers with try and utilise both techniques at different times, depending on the conditions, the batter and the state of the ball at the time.

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I think swing bowling also requires the weather conditions to be aiding the bowler.In a way seam bowlers are more effective than swing bowlers all over the world. This is my personal opinion. Cheers –  kartshan Mar 21 '14 at 4:49
The bowlers known for swing bowling is Dale Steyn and for seam bowling Morne Morkwel (at present) and i like to mention one more bowling style that is Fast very Fast bowling which was re-invented by Mitchel Johnson –  suhas Mar 21 '14 at 6:07
Thanks for answer. –  Athira Mar 28 '14 at 6:12

Simply put, swing bowling involves making the ball to move while it is travelling in the air and seam bowling is more about movement off the pitch.

To understand seam bowling, imagine a medium pacer who comes in and tries bowling a off or leg spin delivery. Only that he/she is not "spinning" the ball. The irregularity on the cricket ball due to the presence of the threaded seam will do it for the bowler. Hence the name "seam" bowling.

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The movement of the ball in the air is called swing bowling. It can be assisted by weather conditions, if wind is flowing perpendicular to the pitch then in that case swing bowling is quite dangerous

While Seam bowling is the movement of the ball after pitching on the ground (in or out)mostly depend upon the pitch condition ,but wind also play an important role as if wind is flowing parallel to the pitch it will vary the bounce of the ball.

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