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It is mentioned in this post that if the boundaries count in the main match is equal then a count-back from the final ball of the one over eliminator would be conducted.

Consider if still it looks equal as below, How the winning team will be decided?

|     Ball 6       |   1    |   1    |    
|     Ball 5       |   2    |   2    |    
|     Ball 4       |   6    |   6    |    
|     Ball 3       |   4    |   4    |    
|     Ball 2       |   1    |   1    |    
|     Ball 1       |   1    |   1    |    
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Each tournament will have its own playing conditions.

I'm not sure about other tournaments, as per the playing conditions of IPL

The super over will be declared as a tie.

Then, if the match is a league match.

1 point will be given per team

If both the teams have an equal number of points their relative positions shall be determined by the following:

a: the team with the most wins in matches in the League during the season will be placed in the higher position

b: if there are teams with equal points and equal wins during the season, then in such case the team with the higher net run rate will be placed in the higher position

c: if following the net run rate calculation above there are teams which are still equal, then the team with the higher number of wickets taken per balls bowled in the matches played that season in which results were achieved will be placed in the higher position

d: if still equal at the end of the regular season then the team position will be determined by drawing lots.

If the match is a play off match (Final, the Eliminator, Qualifier 1 or Qualifier 2 matches).

The team which, at the end of the relevant regular Season, finished in the higher position in the League table will be deemed the winner of the relevant play-off match.

Law 21 - IPL Playing conditions.

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This is it. Everyone need to note that such rules (e.g. deciding winner or qualifying team) are up to the tournament. Such rules can be (and are) changed every tournament. –  hims056 Apr 30 '14 at 6:18

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