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The Team bat first scored 144/3 after 20 overs in T20 format match.. second Team scored 34/2 in 8.4overs . then rain stopped the play. who will won the match? explain please.

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That depends on what method of resolution the league or competition has designated for this case. If they use net run rate, for example, then team 1 has 7.2/over and team 2 has 3.9/over, so team 1 wins. If they use Duckworth-Lewis, then the par score for team 2 would be 56, so team 1 wins. (There are several online resources to calculate D/L; results may vary.) There are other methods as well.

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All tournaments organised under ICC's standards have to use the D/L method. – hims056 May 26 '14 at 4:24

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