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During the IPL7 last league match between MI vs RR, the scores were leveled at 189.

Had the bowler bowled a no ball who would enter into the playoff, MI or RR?

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If Faulkner bowled a no-ball, six runs would not be calculated. The final score will be 190, not 195.

But still, Mumbai could qualify for the play-off matches. Since they need 190 in 14.3 overs, if 14.4 was a no-ball, then it won't be counted as a legal delivery.

Then the Net run rate will be like below,

MI = 0.0135 (2175/271.2 - 2170/273.3)
RR = 0.0121 (2155/269.5 - 2159/272.5)

Mumabi Indians would lead RR in the Points table by just 0.0014 difference in NRR.

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