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In my younger years, when I still played football, I got rid of the dirt underneath my football shoes by smashing them against one of the goal posts. I remember the sound to have a high pitch.

What kind of material are the goal posts made of, used at the FIFA World Cup 2014?

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It might depend on the venue. There are 12 different stadiums being used for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. –  Ben Miller Jun 12 at 17:28

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The goals in the world cup were made out of Steel that was powder coated to protect from weather. They would still make the same noise if you were to bang a boot on them today.

Hope this helped.

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Can you add a reference for that, in relation to the FIFA World Cup 2014? –  Jacob Jan Tuinstra Jul 26 at 7:00
I#m pretty shure it's not powder coated steel. In the german Bundesliga all goal are made out of aluminium. Just think of the weight a powder coated steel gaol would have. –  Phab Nov 24 at 9:56
I remember a text that said most permier league clubs use uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chlorid) goals in trainig. They would be much lighter than the aluminium goals. –  Phab Nov 24 at 10:01

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