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Tiger Woods has promoted swinging with a high follow-through and a "fuller finish" to hit a high shot. Here's a video example of Woods hitting a full shot from the fairway.

High follow through

Also, he abbreviates his follow-through and finish to hit a low shot, in which he refers to as his "stinger." Here's a video example of Woods hitting a low shot under the trees.

Abbreviated follow through

How does a golfer's follow through affect a golf ball's flight? Does follow through also dictate/promote drawing/fading the golf ball, and if so, how?

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What does "high follow-through" mean? Does it mean that the swing path is such that the club is rising in the contact point (i.e. positive angle of attack between the earth and club) or does it mean something else? –  hhh Jun 5 at 2:36
By drawing/fading, you mean slicing/hooking? Excellent follow-through means more control, related question. –  hhh Jun 5 at 2:40
@hhh Drawing and hooking (and fading and slicing) are associated but not quite the same. A hook is a pronounced turning of the golf ball from right to left in flight (for the right-handed golfer) whereas a draw is a slight turning from right to left. A slice is a pronounced turning of the golf ball from left to right in flight (for the right-handed golfer) whereas a fade is a slight turning from left to right. –  edmastermind29 Jun 5 at 2:43
@hhh See edit and link to provide an explanation of a "high follow-through" or "high finish." The club is not rising in the contact point...this is in regards to after the ball is struck, how Tiger finishes. This influences ball flight. –  edmastermind29 Jun 5 at 2:49
Unfortunately I cannot understand "high follow-through" from pictures. How do the swing paths look like? Video 45:46 shows different swing paths: is the swing path a round circle or something different with high "follow-through"? High follow-through could mean different angle of attack btw earth and club or some odd modification to swing path. Which one does it mean? Is this question equivalent to the question "How does the swing path affect the path of golf ball?" –  hhh Jun 5 at 10:11

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