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I need to clarify the below two things about the South African Test Captain Hashim Amla.

  • He is being fined 500$ per month for not wearing Castle Logo in his jersey.
  • He was fasting during his triple century against England.

I want to know whether these two things are true or not. I need reliable references in the answer, since different sites reveal different things about the above.

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Know about these. Both related to his religion. Cannot find enough references though. – Shaunak D Jun 10 '14 at 11:14
@shaunakde, yes these things were old ones. I'm seeing them in FB frequently after he named as SA test captain. so, asked here for references. – Sports Fan Jun 10 '14 at 11:19
Regarding your 2nd question, the month of Ramzan (the holy month for Muslims) began on 20 July 2012 & the Cricinfo article is published on 22 July specifying the report for the 4th days play. So yeah, Amla definitely fasted during his triple century. – KharoBangdo Jun 19 '14 at 10:31
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  • Hashim Amla pays a fine for not wearing Castle logo: FALSE

Reference: CSA's official Facebook page confirms this here.

CSA comment on Hashim Amla's fine.

  • Hashim Amla was fasting during the triple century against England: FALSE

Reference: Cricinfo commentary during this game says the following: (see 76th over)

Firdose Moonda, our South Africa correspondent at The Oval, confirms that Amla (and Imran Tahir) are only fasting on non-match days.

Until there is evidence to the contrary, I consider CSA and Cricinfo's word to be reliable enough.

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For the 1st question this is the reference I got from from one of the sites.


You religion is clearly important to you but just how much?

The importance of my religion has increased as I have got older. I couldn’t put a time frame on it but I have found that following the Islamic way of life has a lot of beauty to it. Although I was born into a Muslim family I wasn’t always practicing. The more I have understood the differences in the various faiths I have adopted as much of Islam as possible. I’m certainly no saint but the discipline of the Islamic way of life has helped my cricket without a doubt. I don’t drink and I pray five times a day, which gives stability to my daily routine.

Reference for above quote.

For your 2nd question even I am waiting for the answer.

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This does not answer the first question which is about the penalty for not wearing the logo. – Sports Fan Jun 19 '14 at 6:36

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