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I've noticed that often after a ball goes out a different ball is used. Also I don't know if the same ball will be used for both halves (plus extra time). So how many balls are used during a typical FIFA World Cup 2014 game?

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FIFA's laws continue to state that 'The ball may not be changed during the match without the authority of the referee.' However as you may have seen during the FIFA World Cup as well as other competitions, many associations have accepted the Multiball system. So it is hard to find a documented maximum number or an average number of balls per match. But as per the wikipedia entry on the Multiball system, generally about a maximum of 7 balls are used per game.

Also, I read here that Adidas manufactured and tested 20 balls for the Final World Cup game between Germany and Argentina.

A lot of people are against this system because home teams, specially in England use it to their advantage and ask the local ball boys to waste time during away throw-ins, etc.

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