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Brazil, host nation of world cup 2014, lost to Germany by 1-7. This seems very big defeat in term of goal difference. What is the worst defeat of a host nation in world cup history in terms of goal difference?

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Are you sure this is for football? Pretty sure Brazil was playing dodgeball, so I'm not sure asking for football games will help any. – corsiKa Jul 9 '14 at 16:51
I wouldn't be surprised if the answers here have to be revised in 2022. – David Richerby Jul 9 '14 at 21:13
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Yes, this was the worst defeat of a host nation in the history of the world cup! Other notable defeats are:

  • 2010: South Africa 0 - 3 Uruguay
  • 1958: Sweden 2 - 5 Brazil


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Looking at statistics of all world cup matches, this is the worst defeat of a host nation in world cup history in terms of "goal difference". This is also the worst defeat by a host nation in terms of "goals against" jointly with Switzerland (1954) 5-7 against Austria.

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They play without goalies or something? – Almo Jul 9 '14 at 15:01

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