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I am a part of football team in amateur football league. I am a one of two people who manage our team and I always should take responsibility if something went wrong. I want to ask how we can to improve our strategy. We play in (2:2:2) and game quality is very poor. League standings is simple: 1 win and 4 loses after five matches. I suggested to make formation (3:3) but team don't want to accept my idea. I think (2:2:2) is good, but there isn't enough wing players who can help in a fast attacks. In my vision, on (3:3) we can use more space in a wings. If we will leave one CB in defense, other five players can attack more easily than in (2:2:2), when we leave 2 CB and other four players attacks against five defenders... (3:3) will help to use wing defenders, this is a main point of my idea. What do you think?

And the other problem is our players. We just can't understand one thing. When we are on training everything is great- we perform good ball contrall, dribbling and other skills. But when we are at the match, it seems that our legs are not part of our bodies... :D. We have two good players which have good stamina, strength and sprint speed,but we just can't use them because tactics doesn't give a space for them. We have one good dribbler, but he is very small and it is easy to stop him... And our defenders defends very well, but they doesn't have enough ball control. So, the main idea is to ask you what we can to do with our team to improve our results?(I don't talk about failed matches like when ball falls into our goal after 5 ricochets(yea, it is true!)...) Please help to make good formation :). To help to understand a situacion: we have two fast players,we have one good dribbler,one striker(if he gets ball near to goal, he always score from any situation), and two defenders: one is tall and has enough weight to use his shoulder :D(but he is scared to fail before any match(lol)), other is small but has normal ball control. And in substitution we have one defender which has not enough experience to play there,we have a second goalkeeper(btw,we have very good goalkeepers) and one striker. So, after this disaster which happened after five matches I please your help to improve something at our team;).

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Very similar title found here:… – ᴍᴀsᴛᴇʀᴍɪɴᴅ_ᴇᴅ Jul 10 '14 at 11:44
try to play in a 1-2-2-1 system. I guess you play without offside!? – Phab Jul 10 '14 at 12:29
This is a very broad question. Maybe you would get better answers if you split it into specific questions: like "How to simulate match conditions in training?" or "Difference in 3-3 vs 2-2-2 formation?" or "What to do with good defenders who lack ball skills?" – Fillet Jul 15 '14 at 9:06

I have been a football player myself, so i can help you with some tips for improvements.

People seem to concentrate more on ball control and dribbling skills, which i am sure would develop as your career progresses, so i suggest you to train more on game techniques.

To read the game and right passes in right positions. Dribbling and keeping the ball with you makes it easy for opposition team to take the ball away from you.So first suggestion is to practice passing and moving the ball around and making hard for opposition team defenders to take the ball from you.

As for the formation, you people can try (1-2-3). This makes it more of a balanced formation. One of the Centrback can come forward and act as a CDM. I would prefer one of the fast guys to be in this position. All you to do is move the ball around and one good pass to striker can result in goal. Moreover in this formation, counter attacks can be prevented easily and you can also grab the ball from opponent by putting pressure on him from all the sides.

As for improving your stamina, the best training is to do short sprints. Do this before and after the training.

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Welcome to the sports.stackexchange site. Please use proper formatting, so it's easier to read the answer. I have edited your answer to improve readability and corrected grammatical mistakes. Hope it helps. – SahuKahn Jul 15 '14 at 6:00

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