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I know there are a lot of bad NFL teams but I want to know who the worst franchise in NFL history is.. (ie: least playoff appearances/wins/win percentage etc.)

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Are you including AFL teams in "NFL history"? –  Michael Myers Jul 22 at 22:47
Actually, the Raiders hold the short term record for the most loses per season at eleven or more loses for seven years, right after their Super Bowl appearance in 2002. –  Ice Boy Jul 23 at 17:41

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Wikipedia has a list of NFL win-loss records for each of the current 32 NFL teams. The list includes all games that each team has played in, including regular season and playoffs, from each team's first season in the NFL through the 2014 Super Bowl. Sorted by win percentage, the best team is the Chicago Bears, with a win percentage of .573, and the worst team is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, with a record of .392.

Of course, some teams are much older than others. The Bears have played 1,341 games since 1920, and the Buccaneers have only played 611 games since 1976.

These stats only include teams that are currently in the NFL. However, in the early years of the NFL, there were lots of teams that no longer exist, many of whom ended their NFL franchise with a lower percentage than the Buccaneers currently hold.

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As a lifelong Packer fan, it was really hard for me to type the phrase "the best team is the Chicago Bears." But I think as time goes on we'll move up that list. –  Ben Miller Jul 23 at 4:16

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