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What is the lowest sanctioned average to bowl a perfect 300 game?

I'm sure someone who is not a really good bowler got lucky and threw 12 strikes in a game. I wonder how bad that bowler was. I looked around, but could not find any info. I'm guessing it's probably around 140.

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In the sidebar on this article from 2002, it says:

Lowest average with a 300 game

Men: Roger Evans, Champaign, Ill. — 127 avg., 1991
Women: Diane Ponza, Santa Cruz, Calif. — 112 avg., 1977-78 season

I haven't been able to find anything more current.

There used to be a searchable database of every sanctioned 300 game rolled at the Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame. But, since they've moved to Texas, I don't know if that's still available.

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