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I have had this question for a long time:
Will a batsman be given out if the ball hits the pad or a helmet of a wicket keeper and the catch is taken by another fielder?

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The batsman will not be given out if the ball hits the bat and then the helmet of the wicket keeper or any other fielder before the catch is taken. But pads are similar to gloves for a keeper; hence if the ball hits the bat and then hits the pad and then is caught by a fielder, the batsman is out.

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Providing of course that the batsman's bat has made contact with the ball before reaching the wicketkeeper or other fielder then yes, the batsman will be given out as long as the ball doesn't hit the floor.

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This is wrong. See Law 32 section 3 (e): "However, it is not a fair catch if the ball has previously touched a protective helmet worn by a fielder. The ball will then remain in play." – Peter Eisentraut Apr 20 '12 at 19:02

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