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Last night, Messi scored his 50th goal of the season.

Why is it considered a new goal-scoring record? Dixie Dean scored 60 goals for Everton in the FA First Division alone (he had 67 in total) in the 1927-1928 football season.

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What I read in the articles, it that Messi is the first since 1931, so this does not contradict the Dixie Dean... – Bernhard May 6 '12 at 14:15
OK, that certainly makes sense and also remembers me why I should read newspapers from my country. – Marius Balaban May 6 '12 at 14:30
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Messi had 50 goals in La Liga and another 14 goals in the Champions League, 3 goals in the Spanish Cup, 3 goals in the Spanish Supercup, 1 in the UEFA Super Cup and 2 in the Club World Cup. Which makes 73 goals in total on 2011/2012.

Messi didn't break Dean's record but he has broken a lot of other records:

  1. Most goals in one season in La Liga (previous held by Cristiano Ronaldo - 41 Goals in 2010-11)
  2. Best goalscorer in history in one season in Europe (previous held by Gerd Müller - 67 goals in 1972-73)
  3. Most goals in one season (previous held by Archie Stark - 70 goals in 1924-25)
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perfect, thanks. – Marius Balaban May 7 '12 at 7:21

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