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He can only be out hit wicket "in commission of a stroke, or when setting off for his first run" - so if he spins around, loses balance and falls on his stumps, he'll be out, regardless of where the ball is going. However, if he hits it, then steps away from the stumps, then back again and stands on his stumps, he's not out.


No, a batsman can only be out Stumped when the wicket is broken by the wicket-keeper, according to Law 39 (Stumped) The striker is out Stumped...when his wicket is fairly put down by the wicket-keeper without the intervention of another fielder. If the slip fielder breaks the wicket with the batsman out of his ground, it is a Run out, as defined in ...


I cannot speak to cricket, but in baseball there is a system of who has precedence in a fly ball situation: Outfielders have precedence over infielders Infielders have precedence over the catcher and pitcher Catchers have precedence over the pitcher When it comes to who has precedence within the outfield, or infield it is as follows: The center fielder ...


Assuming that (s)he starts on strike, hits 5 sixes and then runs 3 for the 6th ball, so constantly on strike. (S)He does this every over, (s)he scores 33*50=1650!!! (S)He hits the final ball for 6 instead of 3 as no longer needs to maintain the strike, bringing the total to 1653!


According to the Guinness Book of Records Shoaib Akhtar is the bowler who delivered the fastest recorded delivery.


White balls discolour more quickly, and so the ball was frequently being changed around 35 overs to allow the batsman to see it more clearly. A new ball from either end (which is what happens) means each ball is only in play for 25 overs and so should remain in shape and white for the duration of the innings. Technically it will help seamers and swing ...


Based on your comments, nothing happens. The ball goes dead, he walks out and gets the bat, and the next ball is bowled. Simply losing control of the bat does not cause a dismissal. And even if the ball hits the bat in the air and flies to a fielder, he is not out, as he needs to be holding the bat for it to be a dismissal.

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