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Nobody has scored 200 in an international, IPL, or T20 Blast match, with the top scorer in a major T20 match being Chris Gayle, who scored 175 for the Royal Challengers Bangalore in an IPL match. However, as pointed out by Ale in a comment, it has happened at lower levels, with Dhanuka Pathirana scoring 277 in a match in the Lancashire league.


Dhanuka Pathirana scores 277 in a Lancashire's Saddleworth League. The match seems played in 2007 seems Austerlands - Droylsden (366-3) another source - another source


The free-hit rule is more recent than Duckworth–Lewis so the original D/L method (which came into force in English domestic cricket 1997) would not have taken this into consideration. I have been following cricket for many years in England and I’m not aware of any changes to the D/L system taking the free-hit into account. However, it is worth noting that ...

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