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Not a boundary - see Law 19.3(a): A boundary shall be scored [...] whenever, while the ball is in play, [...] (i) the ball touches the boundary, or is grounded beyond the boundary. (ii) a fielder with some part of his person in contact with the ball, touches the boundary or has some part of his person grounded beyond the boundary. ...


No, the wicket-keeper is not required to wear pads. To quote from Law 40.1: The wicket-keeper is the only fielder permitted to wear gloves and external leg guards. (my emphasis) Note that's "permitted" not "required". As for why, that's simple - being hit on the shins by a cricket ball hurts.


According to the rules of cricket Rule 33 - Handling the Ball - With the hand The striker is out Handled the ball if, except in the circumstances of 2 below, in the act of playing a ball delivered by the bowler, he wilfully strikes the ball with a hand not holding the bat. This will apply whether No ball has been called or not and whether it is the ...


This is super old now, but I figured I'd chip in. There are two different questions here in the context of a switch hit: 1) What about wides? 2) What about LBWs? For the purposes of wides, the switch-hitting striker sacrifices the benefit of the leg side bowling limit. In other words, he effectively has two off sides for the purposes of calling wides. ...


During international cricket matches who will decide the commentary panel? The broadcaster. Is there any eligibility criteria for that? No. When will they announce the list of commentators for the particular series? When they feel like it.

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