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Yes it does - he has an unusual (to some ears) way of pronouncing the word "two", with a little whistle involved. This has been emphasised by some comedians, particularly Billy Bermingham in his (very funny) 12th Man series.


Assuming that (s)he starts on strike, hits 5 sixes and then runs 3 for the 6th ball, so constantly on strike. (S)He does this every over, (s)he scores 33*50=1650!!! (S)He hits the final ball for 6 instead of 3 as no longer needs to maintain the strike, bringing the total to 1653!


The complexity above in baseball looks amusing.. I dont know much abt Baseball.. it might really be required. But in cricket, I dont think any set of clear guidelines exist. Fielders with specific positions would be positioned accordingly and they expect to catch the ball. But yes, even in cricket there can arise a situation where two fielders are running ...


There's no limit - a bowler can stop in his run-up as often as he likes, and a batsman can pull out of a delivery as often as he likes. In practice, the umpire will have a word if he feels the players are messing about, and it doesn't happen too often. Note, though, that if a batsman pulls away, and the bowler actually delivers the ball, if the batsman ...

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