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You can look up the D/L regulations and tables published by the ICC. It only talks about balls remaining and wickets in hand as resources. So free hits are not considered. In order to model an end-of-game scenario like that accurately, you could arguably also want to consider who is on strike, who is bowling, whether you have any DRS reviews left, and so ...


Without going into the specifics of each type of dismissal, the general principle is if there is doubt, the on field Umpire's call stands. The review has to be able to conclusively demonstrate that the Umpire was wrong in order to over-turn the decision. This is a different statement than the review simply makes the most likely decision, given the evidence.


Yes, the Duckworth-Lewis method would be applied in all three scenarios. The only scenario in which a rain-shortened match does not have the Duckworth-Lewis method applied is if the match is shortened before the start of the first team's innings, as in that case both teams are equally aware of the number of overs they will face before starting their innings.


4 wickets in 4 balls may be called qadri-trick; 5 wickets in 5 balls penta-trick ; Then there is change in the over.Yet, for 6 successes in 6 consecutive events may be called hexa-trick; 7 in 7 hepta-trick; 8 in 8 octa-trick; 9 in 9 nona-trick; 10 in 10 deca-trick; 11 in 11 undeca-trick and 12 in 12 dodeca-trick! How's that!


The free-hit rule is more recent than Duckworth–Lewis so the original D/L method (which came into force in English domestic cricket 1997) would not have taken this into consideration. I have been following cricket for many years in England and I’m not aware of any changes to the D/L system taking the free-hit into account. However, it is worth noting that ...


Dhanuka Pathirana scores 277 in a Lancashire's Saddleworth League. The match seems played in 2007 seems Austerlands - Droylsden (366-3) another source - another source


Nobody has scored 200 in an international, IPL, or T20 Blast match, with the top scorer in a major T20 match being Chris Gayle, who scored 175 for the Royal Challengers Bangalore in an IPL match. However, as pointed out by Ale in a comment, it has happened at lower levels, with Dhanuka Pathirana scoring 277 in a match in the Lancashire league.

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