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Top new questions this week:

In Le Mans, what is that second Timer on the timer board?

In Le Mans, theres a board, when you enter the pits. The first numbers are easy. Its the time remaining in the race. But the second, I can't figure out what the hell it is. Seems like an hour, but it'...

auto-racing road-racing endurance-racing  
asked by Fredy31 2 votes
answered by ImClarky 6 votes

What parts of an F1 car are mandatory per rules?

I really wonder, so if I would be to try to make the simplest, most stripped down but still legal F1 car, what parts are absolutely needed? I'm gonna guess the halo, safety cell and 4 tires are ...

asked by Fredy31 2 votes

Isn't the cricket toss just an illusion of control?

The cricket toss gives each team a 50% chance of being able to choose whether they bat or bowl first. I think this is an illusion of control, and there's no advantage to winning it. I'll try and ...

asked by IAlreadyHaveAKey 2 votes
answered by Philip Kendall 2 votes

In Le Mans, what are the 3 lights on the side of the car?

In Le Mans, all cars have 3 lights on the side. The color part is easy: It is the color of the series you are racing in. But sometimes 1 is lit, other times it is 2 or 3. What is the logic of those ...

road-racing endurance-racing  
asked by Fredy31 1 vote
answered by F1Krazy 3 votes

Could the batter get a walk when the catcher didn't catch the ball?

At about 22′58″ into the video linked below, the Red Sox's batter (Christian) swung and missed when the Yankees' catcher didn't get the ball either. If Christian didn't swing, could he get a walk? The ...

rules baseball mlb  
asked by Xsose 1 vote
answered by BowlOfRed 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How is 'distance covered' tracked in football (soccer) at the World Cup and during other official competitions?

In most football leagues, and now the World Cup, distance covered is now a commonly-shared statistic. Are there trackers in the boots? Do the players have chips implanted in their brains? How is '...

football statistics technology world-cup  
asked by stevvve 25 votes
answered by Phab 20 votes

What is a protected pick?

In a trade, one NBA team can give to the other a protected pick (I heard of this concept reading about the alleged details of the DeMarcus Cousins trade from Sacramento Kings to New Orleans Pelicans). ...

basketball terminology nba transaction  
asked by Francesco 8 votes
answered by Philip Kendall 11 votes

Differences between 20/20 cricket and Test cricket

There seems to be a lot of cricket fans on this site so I was wondering can anyone explain the major differences between 20/20 cricket and test cricket? I was reading an article recently where a ...

asked by RoB 4 votes
answered by Spinner 3 votes

What set of rules say that scratching requires the player to take another ball out of a pocket?

From time to time I stumble upon pool players who think/thought the rule is to take a ball (other than the cue ball) out of the pocket every time you scratch but none of them knew where that rule came ...

rules pool  
asked by Iancovici 6 votes
answered by timseal 0 votes

Who gets Super Bowl rings?

When a team wins the Super Bowl, there are a lot of players and organizational members that helped in the process. For each team playing this year, there are multiple players on injured reserve that ...

american-football nfl awards  
asked by SocioMatt 15 votes
answered by Zack 11 votes

Qualification decision in group stages when everything is equal

Consider a football (soccer) tournament has a group stage, where for example teams are divided into groups of four and the first and second teams will qualify to the next round. If all games end with ...

rules football fifa  
asked by saeedn 16 votes
answered by Mormegil 14 votes

What is the procedure to become a Cricket Umpire?

In cricket how does someone become an umpire at international level? Is there some procedure for this? How are they selected and what is the criteria for this?

cricket officiating  
asked by iDev 11 votes
answered by NetStarter 8 votes

Can you answer this question?

Direct red card for an event that happened 10 minutes ago?

Can a football referee show a direct red card to a player because of an event happened 10 minutes ago? Assume that the game was played in those minutes.

rules football officiating  
asked by Gakov99 1 vote
answered by Nij 0 votes
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