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Top new questions this week:

How are marathon numbers decided (And why do they always seem to be in the thousands?)

Watching an old Olympic marathon and I'm wondering... How are the marathon athlete numbers decided? In other disciplines, usually the favorite has 1, then the runner up 2, etc. But in the Olympic ...

olympics marathon  
asked by Fredy31 6 votes
answered by Glorfindel 9 votes

Has a goalkeeper ever scored in field hockey?

I know nowadays a goalkeeper can't go further than the 23 metre area and be involved in play. But they can take a penalty stroke. So, does anyone knows of a goal scored by a goalkeeper in either ...

trivia goalkeeper field-hockey  
asked by Gabriel Vogas 3 votes

Can stalling your delivery be cause for a balk?

Watching the 2016 AL Wild Card game between Toronto and Baltimore (that Edwin Encarnacion won with a walk-off), and I'm seeing what might be considered a balk, but I'm not sure why it's not. Roberto ...

rules baseball mlb pitching  
asked by Jason P Sallinger 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What are the criteria for wins, losses, and saves in MLB?

I've read the rules for determining Wins, Losses and Saves for pitchers, and I've never been able to make heads or tails of it. Is there an easier way to explain it?

rules baseball mlb  
asked by Aaron 16 votes
answered by Jacob G 14 votes

Why do some soccer players wear small shin guards?

I've noticed that Thomas Müller of Germany wears very small shin guards (at least most of the time). If I remember correctly he did the same thing during the last world cup or Euros. I played a bit of ...

football equipment world-cup  
asked by alamoot 8 votes
answered by Phab -3 votes

Possible dismissals off a noball, wide ball and free hit

I came to know that a batsman can be stumped out off a wide ball but not off a no-ball (Is it correct?) What are the possibilities to dismiss batsmen, off a noball, a wide ball, a freehit ball and ...

rules cricket officiating icc  
asked by Azik Abdullah 7 votes

Why are professional athletes allowed to compete in the Olympic games?

When the International Olympic Committee was formed in 1894 by Pierre de Coubertin, he intended the athletes competing in the Olympics to only be amateur athletes. The definition of an amateur ...

asked by steelersquirrel 55 votes
answered by KutuluMike 61 votes

Does a run count if it's made on the same play as the 3rd out?

Under what conditions can a run be scored on a play that results in a 3rd out for the team? I was under the impression that if a 3rd out happens, all runs that might have scored before time during ...

rules baseball  
asked by Aaron 15 votes
answered by Tom Au 1 vote

Differences between fullbacks, halfbacks, and running backs

In American football, there are various position designations for runners that carry the ball across the line of scrimmage: full, half and running back. Are there any differences between the three ...

american-football formations  
asked by chrisjlee 6 votes
answered by Tom Au 0 votes

Different Badminton Grip and Weight Types

Over the years I've used many badminton rackets, with a wide variety of code numbering placed at the beginning of the shaft: G4/3U G2/2U Can somebody give me detailed information about the ...

equipment badminton racket  
asked by Jacob Jan Tuinstra 13 votes

Can you answer this question?

What single day lineup featured the highest total for career HR?

Watching the 1995 World Series between Cleveland and Atlanta. I noticed Cleveland featured some bombers. Here they are with their career HR: LF Albert Belle - 381 DH Eddie Murray - 504 3B Jim ...

mlb home-run  
asked by Jason P Sallinger 2 votes
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