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What is the maximum number of overs allowed to bowl in a single day of a test match?

Minimum number of overs allowed per day in a test cricket match is 90. What is the maximum number of overs allowed to bowl? If 2 or 3 more overs required to win the match means, who will decide ...

rules cricket officiating icc  
user avatar asked by Azik Abdullah Score of 9
user avatar answered by Peter Eisentraut Score of 11

What is the difference between googly and doosra spin?

I can see some of the spin bowlers bowl googly and some bowl doosra in international cricket matches. What is the basic difference between googly and doosra spin? How they differ from each other?

cricket terminology technique spin  
user avatar asked by Ronald Riju Score of 11
user avatar answered by Anand Score of 13

How are IPL players paid?

In the Indian Premier League, the players are auctioned to the different teams and their salaries depends on the auction amount. But who pays them, does the IPL administration pay them or do the team ...

cricket finances indian-premier-league  
user avatar asked by Max Score of 15
user avatar answered by Abhijeetchindhe Score of 13

How does a double elimination bracket work?

I know that a double elimination bracket operates like two single eliminations: there is a "winners" upper bracket and a "losers" lower bracket. My requirements I need a logic for the Losers bracket ...

rules tournaments  
user avatar asked by Girish Bantwal Score of 10
user avatar answered by Ben Miller - Remember Monica Score of 5

How does the referee communicate with players in football(soccer) matches, when they are from different countries?

I always see in TV referees communicating with the players in international football matches(both club and national competitions). It seems to be universal: not only in European matches, but also in ...

football trivia officiating  
user avatar asked by xji Score of 12
user avatar answered by alamoot Score of 16

How many teams in football history won treble?

Treble in one season means winning the three main titles of the season: European Championship league League championship National cup title How many teams in the history of football won treble?

football history trivia records  
user avatar asked by Dor Cohen Score of 11
user avatar answered by Dor Cohen Score of 14

In what way do professional athletes (MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA) get paid?

I've always wondered how this worked. If a player is getting paid $5,000,000 a year, how do they get that salary? Do they receive it at the beginning of the season as a lump sum? Or do they receive ...

user avatar asked by Zack Score of 9
user avatar answered by JW8 Score of 12
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