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In volleyball when is it considered "Reaching over the net"?

In volleyball, when is it considered "reaching over the net"? If my team serves, and the other team passes it close to the net, and I am front row. Can I reach over and kill it? What about if just ...

rules volleyball  
user avatar asked by Drew LeSueur Score of 20
user avatar answered by Mormegil Score of 24

What is the longest six in cricket history?

Calculating the distance of the six hit by the batsmen is a new trend. I'd searched for longest six of cricket, some said it's from Shahid Afridi, some said, it's MSD and some saying Yuvi. I would ...

cricket history trivia statistics records  
user avatar asked by Azik Abdullah Score of 9
user avatar answered by Muhammad Faizan Alam Score of 0

How is 'distance covered' tracked in football (soccer) at the World Cup and during other official competitions?

In most football leagues, and now the World Cup, distance covered is now a commonly-shared statistic. Are there trackers in the boots? Do the players have chips implanted in their brains? How is '...

football statistics technology world-cup  
user avatar asked by stevvve Score of 25
user avatar answered by Phab Score of 20

Can a ball change status (fair/foul) once it hit the ground?

In baseball, if a hit ball lands just inside the foul line (fair), but then bounces out (foul), what is it ruled as? The flip case: if a ball lands foul, but it hits a patch of grass or whatever and ...

rules baseball  
user avatar asked by Scimonster Score of 4
user avatar answered by RSmaller Score of 6

Can a batsman be stumped from a no ball?

In cricket, can a batsman be out stumped from a no ball?

rules cricket  
user avatar asked by somashekhar Score of 5

Differences between fullbacks, halfbacks, and running backs

In American football, there are various position designations for runners that carry the ball across the line of scrimmage: full, half and running back. Are there any differences between the three ...

american-football formations  
user avatar asked by chrisjlee Score of 6
user avatar answered by Tom Au Score of 0

What does the stat WHIP in baseball mean?

Can someone please explain to me what the statistic "WHIP" means in the game of baseball?

baseball statistics  
user avatar asked by Christopher Chipps Score of 9
user avatar answered by wax eagle Score of 12
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