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Top new questions this week:

Why does there seem to be more pitching changes in recent years?

The last time I watched baseball was in 2012, and there has been more frequent pitching changes, especially in the post-season. For instance, this NY Post article states: In 2018, teams set a new ...

baseball statistics  
asked by Austin Conlon 3 votes
answered by BowlOfRed 5 votes

would a run score from third with a man on second when the batter flied out and they tagged the base at second cause he left early

With a man on third and second, batter flies out to right and is caught for the second out. The runner on third tags up legally. The runner on second left early, right field throws to third to get the ...

rules baseball  
asked by mike Riggio 2 votes
answered by Joe 3 votes

Ethics/commonality of sports teams scoring more points at end of a game they are clearly winning

In general, is it considered unsportsmanlike to continue scoring points at the end of a game that has clearly already been won? Or is it generally the standard that teams continue to score points as ...

football basketball  
asked by David Ljung Madison Stellar 1 vote
answered by Philip Kendall 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Possible dismissals off a noball, wide ball and free hit

I came to know that a batsman can be stumped out off a wide ball but not off a no-ball (Is it correct?) What are the possibilities to dismiss batsmen, off a noball, a wide ball, a freehit ball and ...

rules cricket officiating icc  
asked by Azik Abdullah 7 votes

Why are there different stars on table tennis balls?

What determines the rating of a table tennis ball? I know there are several different star ratings. The ratings go from 1 star to 4 star. I think there maybe a 5 star ball. What factors determine the ...

table-tennis equipment  
asked by chrisjlee 28 votes
answered by jamauss 33 votes

Sinking opponent's ball

In 8-ball, if you sink the opponent's ball while sinking your own, do you keep playing, hand over play, or is it considered a foul?

rules pool  
asked by Mitch 14 votes
answered by posdef 9 votes

Hat-trick rules for different match/innings

If a bowler takes wicket in the last ball of an over and takes other two wickets in the first two balls of the next over then it is considered as Hat-trick. But what if a bowler takes last two ...

rules cricket wicket  
asked by Himanshu Jansari 5 votes

Basketball Tip-off possession and subsequent possession

To begin a basketball game, a tip-off is typically used to determine the first possession of the game. Then, in the second half, the team that did not start with the ball in the first half gets the ...

rules basketball  
asked by tomasblog 10 votes
answered by Michael Myers 10 votes

How do I bake my Bauer skates?

I've bought a new pair of Bauer Supreme 170 SR skates. I'd like to bake my skates but I'd want to check the time and temperature needed. Given that the skates didn't come with any instruction or ...

equipment ice-hockey maintenance  
asked by user3652 6 votes

Which offences result in indirect free kicks?

If a player commits a direct free kick offence in their own penalty area, this results in a penalty kick instead of a direct free kick. However, if the offence is an indirect free kick offence, it ...

rules football  
asked by NINCOMPOOP 22 votes
answered by Orangecrush 12 votes
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