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Top new questions this week:

Non-USA superstars in the NBA seem to be much taller on average than superstars from the USA: What exactly is the reason?

LeBron James suggested that he would like to participate in a USA vs non-USA all-star match, during the 2020 all-star draft. While forming hypothetical teams for such a match I quickly started finding ...

basketball statistics nba ranking international-sports  
asked by user1271772 4 votes
answered by Joe 2 votes

Why is the ball hitting any part of the arm now a handball?

During the past season or so I've noticed in most cases when the ball touches any part of a player's arm handball is given. Either the handball rule has changed or the introduction of VAR in top tier ...

rules football fifa video-review  
asked by alamoot 3 votes
answered by alamoot 0 votes

Has the Stanley Cup playoffs games ever been held on neutral ice?

The NHL resumed the 2019-20 season post COVID shutdowns in Edmonton and Toronto as hosts to the western and eastern conferences respectively. With the Edmonton Oilers and Toronto Maple Leafs both ...

trivia ice-hockey nhl postseason stanley-cup  
asked by alamoot 1 vote
answered by Joe 2 votes

Has anyone in sports returned from a grade 3 ankle sprain in one month?

Sabrina Ionescu plans to come back from her grade 3 ankle sprain in one month, in time for the WNBA playoffs. She plans to conquer rehab. I've read it takes longer than a month to heal from a grade 3 ...

basketball injuries  
asked by HallelujahAnyway 1 vote

UEFA European Championship 2020 Group Ranking

I'm developing a spreadsheet to emulate the tournament 'wallchart' you get for football tournaments. The regulations governing the ranking of teams (Article 19.04 found here) states the following: On ...

football uefa euro  
asked by Chris Toffis 1 vote
answered by Glorfindel 1 vote

How many times has a team trailing by at least 3 goals won a Stanley Cup playoffs game?

The Columbus Blue Jackets beat the Toronto Maple Leafs 4 - 3 on the third game of their best of 5 Stanley Cup qualifier of the 2019-20 season. The Blue Jackets did so after trailing 3 - 0 in the ...

trivia ice-hockey nhl postseason stanley-cup  
asked by alamoot 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What does each part of this scorecard represent in baseball?

I'm trying to figure out the rules and any online explanations of scorecards don't match up with the abbreviated TV graphics.

baseball scoring  
asked by user3658 2 votes
answered by Nick 6 votes

Differences between 20/20 cricket and Test cricket

There seems to be a lot of cricket fans on this site so I was wondering can anyone explain the major differences between 20/20 cricket and test cricket? I was reading an article recently where a ...

asked by RoB 4 votes
answered by Spinner 3 votes

Qualification decision in group stages when everything is equal

Consider a football (soccer) tournament has a group stage, where for example teams are divided into groups of four and the first and second teams will qualify to the next round. If all games end with ...

rules football fifa  
asked by saeedn 16 votes
answered by Mormegil 14 votes

What set of rules say that scratching requires the player to take another ball out of a pocket?

From time to time I stumble upon pool players who think/thought the rule is to take a ball (other than the cue ball) out of the pocket every time you scratch but none of them knew where that rule came ...

rules pool  
asked by Iancovici 6 votes
answered by timseal 0 votes

What is the reason Men play 5 sets & Women play 3 sets in a Grand Slam in Tennis?

In the ATP & WTA events, both Men & Women tennis players play best of 3 sets. But when it comes to Grand Slams, the Men play 5 sets. At the risk of sounding a misogynist, I always believe the ...

tennis tournaments gender  
asked by KharoBangdo 20 votes
answered by jamauss 13 votes

What is the difference between balls in Test and ODI Cricket?

In Test Cricket, the red colored ball is used while in ODI and T20I, the white colored ball is used. What is the difference between these balls(apart from color)? Why are different balls used in ...

cricket equipment  
asked by hims056 20 votes
answered by Orangecrush 15 votes

Why do Olympic soccer teams need to be U-23?

Why do Olympic soccer teams need to be under the age of 23? Are there any exceptions about age restriction? Are there any differences between men and women?

rules football olympics fifa gender  
asked by Dor Cohen 21 votes
answered by Dor Cohen 19 votes
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