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Why is a foul bunt on strike three an out?

Following up on "Why does a foul ball not count as a third strike?", I can understand caught fouls and foul tips being counted as strike 3. But what is the logic behind a 3rd strike foul bunt being an ...

rules baseball  
asked by kmm 21 votes
answered by wax eagle 26 votes

FIFA World Cup 2014 Tie Breaker Rules: "Between the teams concerned"?

Here is the rule for the ranking of the teams in the Group Stage of the World Cup, from Article 41 of the Regulations, 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil (PDF): The ranking of each team in each group shall ...

rules football world-cup fifa  
asked by trungnnh 19 votes
answered by Ben Miller - Remember Monica 9 votes

Points are given in tennis 15-30-40. Why 40?

Tennis scoring goes 15-30-40-game. Why 40? Why not 45? What is the meaning of the points being given in tennis as 15-30-40-game? What is the history of this scoring calculation?

rules history tennis scoring  
asked by garik 97 votes
answered by jamauss 82 votes

How are jersey numbers assigned in Cricket?

It is quite normal in international cricket matches(Test/ODI/T20) that players are having a particular Jersey number assigned to them. Some of the famous players such as Ricky Ponting always wears ...

rules cricket jersey  
asked by iDev 7 votes
answered by Bogdanovist 4 votes

In cricket, is it a no-ball even if the ball hits the wicket?

I play cricket every summer and have been ever since I was little. During a match I was bowling. The rule in the league I play for is If the ball is bowled (without hitting the ground) above waist ...

rules cricket  
asked by user9336 4 votes
answered by Philip Kendall 4 votes

Are there any sports for which the world's best player is female?

For this question I'm referring to sports in which men and women can compete together on equal terms (even if they often don't). For example, rock climbing would count (if they climb the same rock and ...

trivia gender  
asked by Allure 53 votes
answered by E. Sommer 57 votes

What is the longest six in cricket history?

Calculating the distance of the six hit by the batsmen is a new trend. I'd searched for longest six of cricket, some said it's from Shahid Afridi, some said, it's MSD and some saying Yuvi. I would ...

cricket history trivia statistics records  
asked by Azik Abdullah 9 votes
answered by Muhammad Faizan Alam 0 votes
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