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Top new questions this week:

Scoring Errors in Defensive Judgement

In Baseball, do errors in judgement factor in scoring? Example: Nobody on base, batter hits single to center field but fielder throws home instead of 2nd allowing runner to advance to second. Both ...

baseball scoring  
asked by zundarz 1 vote
answered by BowlOfRed 4 votes

Who holds the record for most dunks in a single playoff game?

Who holds the record for most dunks in a single postseason game? This is not restricted to a single league.

basketball records postseason  
asked by Justin Becker 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Points are given in tennis 15-30-40. Why 40?

Tennis scoring goes 15-30-40-game. Why 40? Why not 45? What is the meaning of the points being given in tennis as 15-30-40-game? What is the history of this scoring calculation?

rules history tennis scoring  
asked by garik 96 votes
answered by jamauss 79 votes

Number of bouncers per over

How many bouncers are allowed to be bowled in a single over? Can bowlers bowl another bouncer, if another batsman is facing in the same over? What is the limited height for bouncing the ball (neck or ...

rules cricket icc  
asked by Azik Abdullah 8 votes
answered by gout 7 votes

How the Net RunRate for each team is calculated in IPL?

A team's net run rate is calculated by deducting from the average runs per over scored by that team throughout the season, the average runs per over scored against that team throughout the season. ...

rules cricket statistics indian-premier-league  
asked by Azik Abdullah 9 votes
answered by kartshan 11 votes

FIFA World Cup 2014 Tie Breaker Rules: "Between the teams concerned"?

Here is the rule for the ranking of the teams in the Group Stage of the World Cup, from Article 41 of the Regulations, 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil (PDF): The ranking of each team in each group shall ...

rules football world-cup fifa  
asked by trungnnh 19 votes
answered by Ben Miller - Remember Monica 9 votes

What is the rule when the ball touches both the bat and the batsman's body?

If a ball bowled to a batsman hits the bat first and then hits the pad/any part of the batsman's body, what is the rule on getting runs or boundaries or catch at this situation? If a ball bowled to a ...

rules cricket  
asked by Azik Abdullah 6 votes
answered by Spinner 10 votes

If the ball hits your opponent, do you get a point?

I saw this question: "Can my body touch the table in table tennis?", but I am wondering something far more sinister: if I hit my opponent with the ball, and it doesn't touch the table, do I get a ...

rules table-tennis  
asked by ash 17 votes
answered by jamauss 18 votes

Why doesn't a player have to catch the ball from a punt?

I've been getting in to NFL this season and really like the sport. One point I was unclear about in the rules is when a team punts the ball. Why does the receiving player not have to catch it? I ...

rules american-football nfl  
asked by Kristian Bright 8 votes
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