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Top new questions this week:

What does this description of a baseball game mean?

The Atlanta Braves are going to the NLCS. The first game in the series is on Saturday 15 October 2021, but the game is described as ATL / LAD @ SF / ATL What does that mean? The Braves are playing ...

baseball schedule  
asked by user3163495 7 votes
answered by BowlOfRed 23 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why is American football called football?

Why is American football called "football" even though the players play with their hands more than their feet? It seems to be very similar to rugby, and doesn't have the name "American Rugby". What ...

american-football history terminology  
asked by kartshan 25 votes
answered by Vijin Paulraj 20 votes

What does each part of this scorecard represent in baseball?

I'm trying to figure out the rules and any online explanations of scorecards don't match up with the abbreviated TV graphics.

baseball scoring  
asked by user3658 2 votes
answered by Nick 6 votes

In Soccer, can it be a foul even if the player gets to the ball first?

There is a lot of confusion surrounding this topic, both from media and from fans. For example, in the 2014 World Cup, Gonzalo Higuain was hit pretty hard by Manuel Neuer (with his knee), but no ...

rules football  
asked by farid99 9 votes
answered by Reinstate Monica 2331977 6 votes

In volleyball when is it considered "Reaching over the net"?

In volleyball, when is it considered "reaching over the net"? If my team serves, and the other team passes it close to the net, and I am front row. Can I reach over and kill it? What about if just ...

rules volleyball  
asked by Drew LeSueur 20 votes
answered by Mormegil 24 votes

Largest cricket ground by length of boundary

Which is the largest cricket ground by length of boundary in the world?

cricket trivia venues  
asked by Meet Pandya 3 votes
answered by Azik Abdullah 4 votes

In cricket, is it a no-ball even if the ball hits the wicket?

I play cricket every summer and have been ever since I was little. During a match I was bowling. The rule in the league I play for is If the ball is bowled (without hitting the ground) above waist ...

rules cricket  
asked by user9336 4 votes
answered by Philip Kendall 4 votes

Why doesn't a player have to catch the ball from a punt?

I've been getting in to NFL this season and really like the sport. One point I was unclear about in the rules is when a team punts the ball. Why does the receiving player not have to catch it? I ...

rules american-football nfl  
asked by Kristian Bright 8 votes
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