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Top new questions this week:

Can physios receive red cards?

I've seen several times people on the bench receiving yellow or red cards: substitutes, manager... I wonder if a physio can be sent off, consequently he can't heal a player anymore.

rules football  
asked by Bebs 3 votes
answered by Nij 4 votes

Former British colonies and cricket

Some former British colonies, from India to Australia to the nations of the West Indies, have notable cricket teams and a significant number of cricket fans. However, this is not the same everywhere. ...

cricket history  
asked by Student 2 votes

Why do teams almost always pass on 2-point conversions?

I found an article saying that from 2011-2017, there were 506 two-point conversion attempts in the NFL, and 79% of those plays were passes. Is there any explanation for why teams pass so often on ...

nfl strategy  
asked by pacoverflow 2 votes

Soccer team lineup announcement time

Ignoring player positions, Is there a time by which a soccer team lineup has to be announced? I'm looking at English Premier League in particular. I.e. Is it known at least X minutes before kick-off ...

rules football english-premier-league  
asked by Bob 1 vote
answered by E. Sommer 2 votes

Is there a maximum number of darts you can throw in one leg?

Is there a rule for the maximum numbers of darts you can throw in a match of 501 double out game? Like for example two players can't throw out the double in a leg how long can it go on or is there a ...

asked by Kerk 1 vote
answered by offeltoffel 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why do I get out of breath so quickly when swimming?

I am now starting to learn how to swim and have found that I have trouble swimming with my head in the water. Although I breathe every 1 or 2 strokes (front crawl) I found that my heart rate rises ...

swimming technique  
asked by Gabriel Solomon 27 votes
answered by Mike Hedman 12 votes

How are IPL players paid?

In the Indian Premier League, the players are auctioned to the different teams and their salaries depends on the auction amount. But who pays them, does the IPL administration pay them or do the team ...

cricket finances indian-premier-league  
asked by Max 15 votes
answered by Abhijeetchindhe 13 votes

What is the rule for wide ball during reverse hit or switch hit?

It is permitted for a batsman to reverse or switch his bat from right to left or vice versa for getting runs. If they missed the ball means, what is the rule there regarding wide? To be more clear, ...

rules cricket officiating wicket  
asked by Azik Abdullah 9 votes
answered by Bogdanovist 7 votes

What is the minimum number of overs required to bowl in the second innings for applying Duckworth-Lewis Method to find the winning side?

What is the minimum number of overs required to bowl in the second innings for applying Duckworth-Lewis Method to find the winning side?

rules cricket icc interruption duckworth-lewis  
asked by Azik Abdullah 5 votes
answered by Orangecrush 6 votes

Different Badminton Grip and Weight Types

Over the years I've used many badminton rackets, with a wide variety of code numbering placed at the beginning of the shaft: G4/3U G2/2U Can somebody give me detailed information about the ...

equipment badminton racket  
asked by Jacob Jan Tuinstra 13 votes

How are the age restrictions followed by ICC for under 19 cricket tournaments?

I have some doubts under this topic, Can a player aged 19 play under 19 international cricket match? (Since 19 is not under 19) Consider a player having birthday during the series/tournament. How ...

rules cricket icc tournaments  
asked by Azik Abdullah 9 votes
answered by hims056 10 votes

What is the procedure to become a Cricket Umpire?

In cricket how does someone become an umpire at international level? Is there some procedure for this? How are they selected and what is the criteria for this?

cricket officiating  
asked by iDev 10 votes
answered by NetStarter 8 votes
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