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edit community wiki

Creation privilege awarded at 100 reputation

What are Community Wiki posts?

Community wiki posts are more easily editable by all users, and do not confer any reputation.

When should I edit Community Wiki posts?

Community wiki posts have been donated to the community in hopes that others will edit them to keep them up to date, to add useful information, and generally improve their quality.

Take us up on that offer -- whenever you see a community wiki post and have something useful to contribute, edit it!

How do I edit a Community Wiki post?

To edit a Community Wiki post, look at the bottom of the post for the edit menu. Also, once you're done editing, provide a brief one sentence summary of your changes in the edit summary field.

What happens when I edit a Community Wiki post?

All edits are stored in a revision history for the post, along with the author of the revision. Additionally, community wiki posts show the editor with the highest percentage of the remaining post in the current version in the author field.