How can a tennis player use his skills in his favor on the different surfaces of play?

I mean

  • Is a powerful player favourite on grass/hard/clay ?
  • Is a technical player favourite on grass/hard/clay ?
  • Is a quick player favourite on grass/hard/clay ?

It depends on the properties of the surfaces :

  • Hard surfaces are fast and there are no big effects on the rebounds, so they're great for quick and powerful players
  • Clay is a slow surface, where you can set serious effects on the rebounds, which is perfect for technical players
  • Grass surfaces are the fastest ones and they're great for quick players, since the ball rebounds lower, the receiver must be very quick.

It actually depends on the players' comfort area. A technical player can adapt to any surface.

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    Welcome to Sports.SE. If you elaborate on your answer it might be more useful to general audience. For instance what do you mean by comfort area, why/how does it affect a player?
    – posdef
    May 21 '15 at 22:22

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