So Spain, the winners of Euro 2012, now have a UEFA Trophy in their hands and a handful of winners medals for good measure.

But, are there any additional benefits/ prizes of winning the European Cup?


Spain won €23 million according to the following calculation:

  1. €8m fixed for playing in UEFA EURO 2012.
  2. €0.5m for the draw against Italy.
  3. €1m for winning the game against Ireland.
  4. €1m for winning the game against Croatia.
  5. €2m for participating in the quarter-final against France.
  6. €3m for participating in the semi-final against Portugal.
  7. Finally, €7.5m for winning UEFA EURO 2012.

Participating teams at the UEFA EURO 2012 final tournament will pay the fixed participation contribution fee per team of €8m. Further, a performance bonus at the group stage of €0.5m per draw and €1m per win was fixed, as well as a bonus of €1m to the third-placed team in the group. The quarter-finalists will each receive €2m, the semi-finalists €3m, the runners-up €4.5m and the winners of UEFA EURO 2012 €7.5m. Thus the total amount available for distribution is €196m (up from €184m for UEFA EURO 2008).


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In addition to the financial benefits detailed in Dor Cohen's answer, Spain also achieved:

Fifa World Ranking Points

Spain will have picked up a considerable number of Fifa World Ranking points by winning this tournament and via the manner in which they did so. With continental cup tournaments carrying a 3.0x multiplier, Spain will have further cemented their World #1 status.



This is the first time in history that a team has won 3 back-to-back major tournaments, those being:

  • UEFA Euro 2008
  • Fifa World Cup 2010
  • UEFA Euro 2012

I wouldn't be too surprised if they made it four at the 2014 World Cup.


All in all, what may matter more than any financial or statistical benefit is that the team can say they are the best.

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