I am seeing online that there are a lot of people who state Aroldis Chapman is the hardest throwing pitcher, and I am also seeing a lot of people who state that Nolan Ryan holds that record. Both with some staggering numbers, which is true?

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It all depends on how you measure stuff. It's generally accepted that MLB's current tracking system (PITCHf/x) is the most accurate system available, and Chapman holds the record for a PITCHf/x measured pitch with his 105 mph pitch on 2010-09-24 for the Reds vs the Padres.

Various people have attempted to translate older measurements into the same standards as used by PITCHf/x, notably the fact that PITCHf/x measures the speed of the pitch 50 feet from home plate. For example, eFastball estimate that Ryan's pitch on 1974-20-08, which was measured at 100.9 mph at a point 10 feet from home plate would have been travelling at 108.1 mph at the PITCHf/x measurement point of 50 feet from home plate, and thus is faster than Chapman's pitch. But this is an estimate, not a measurement so should be taken with a (small) grain of salt.


It seems that Aroldis broke his own record a few weeks ago (Check that up here!).

It's worth it that Aroldis Chapman is by far the pitcher with most 100+ ptiches in 2015 and since 2010.


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    How is "103.9 mph" faster than "105 mph"?
    – Philip Kendall
    Jul 23, 2015 at 12:59
  • It depends on what Cameron is asking for. You have pitch speed and perceived speed (youtu.be/d44acFJ0gqk). If we take into account pitch speed, my answer is wrong and the pitch Aroldis thrown against the Padres is fastest, but it's quite different if we have a look at the perceived speed column. Even if we go to that date (24/10/2010), it's not clear the speed of that ptich as there were there measurements of the pitch (fantasysportsadvice.sportsblog.com/posts/2831507/…). May be the question should be asked in a different way.
    – fedayn
    Jul 24, 2015 at 6:51

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