Is a batsman out if his helmet, bat or any of his equipment slip away from him and hit the stumps?
It always confuses me


Yes, it would be out hit wicket under Law 35.1 (a). Law 28.1 indicates that the wicket can be put down by the ball, the bat, any part of the bat becoming detached, the striker's person, or "any part of his clothing or equipment becoming detached."


The answer from Spinner, noting that "any part of his clothing or equipment" can cause a dismissal by Hit Wicket, is correct. I would just like to add a few examples of things that have actually fallen onto the batsman's wicket, causing the batsman to be out Hit Wicket.

I searched for "Hit Wicket shoe" and "Hit wicket Toupee", but couldn't find any reports, but they would of course also be covered by "any part of his clothing or equipment".


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