In cricket, can a batsman be out stumped from a no ball?


Law 24 covers no ball - section 16 states that a batsman can only be out in the following ways off a no ball:

  • handled the ball
  • run out
  • obstructing the field
  • hit the ball twice

so a stumping doesn't count.

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A batsman cannot be out stumped on a no-ball. But they can be run-out on a no-ball. A stumping is a run-out wherein the wicket keeper has possession of a ball the entire time after the ball was delivered, and runs the batsman out.

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    -1 as this adds nothing to TrueDub's answer and is also technically incorrect (if the batsman has set off for a run, it's not a stumping). – Philip Kendall Oct 5 '15 at 7:40

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