What is the longest super tie break (10 points final set) in tennis history in official ATP and WTA matches?

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    Longest Match Tiebreak at menstennisforums. 23-21 in the first round match of 2007 Estoril Open is mentioned there. The players were Montañés/Ramírez Hidalgo vs. Aspelin/Čermák. This tie-break is also mentioned on this website.
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    Sep 14 '15 at 9:36
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Wikipedia article Longest tiebreaker in tennis (current revision) lists 52 points (27-25) from the match between Bury/Kowalczyk and Dasnières de Veigy/Gicquel in the first round of 2012 Marrakech challenger. However, this was at ATP Challenger Tour, not at ATP World Tour level.

The longest supertiebreak at an ATP tournament seems to be 44 points (23-21) from the match between Montañés/Ramírez Hidalgo and Aspelin/Čermák in the first round of 2007 Estoril Open.

Sources: 1, 2 (2a).


Wikipedia article Longest tiebreaker in tennis (current revision) lists as the record 42 points (22-20) from the first round match at 2006 Amelia Island between Pratt/Stewart and Morariu/Stubbs. The reference given in the Wikipedia article is A Closer Look at the Longest Tie-Breaker in Tennis History; World Tennis Magazine (Internet Archive).

Another long super tie-break is mentioned in this article from WTA website (Internet Archive). It was 40 points (21-19) from the first round match at 2008 Amelia Island between Mattek/Uhlířová and Craybas/Krajicek with super tie break .

  • I have made this post CW. Feel free to add further information. (What is the record for grand slams? Are there some official sources for ATP record? I did not find anything about this record on ATP website.)
    – Martin
    Sep 16 '15 at 5:25

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