After the first matches of the 2015 Rugby World Cup there are:

  • winner teams with 5 points
  • winner teams with 4 points
  • loser teams with 2 points
  • loser teams with 1 points
  • loser teams with 0 points

How are points awarded for each match?


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In common with many of the major domestic leagues, the World Cup is using the concept of "bonus points" in addition to points for a win or draw. The precise details can be seen in section 1.1.2 of the Tournament Rules:

The following number of Match points will be awarded for each pool phase Match:

  • Win 4 points
  • Draw 2 points
  • Loss 0 points
  • 4 or more tries 1 point
  • Loss by 7 points or less 1 point

Therefore the teams with 5 points both won and scored 4 or more tries; the teams with 4 won, but didn't score 4 tries. The team with 2 points lost, but both scored 4 or more tries and lost by 7 points or fewer. Teams with one point lost, and either scored 4 or more tries, or lost by 7 points or fewer. Teams with zero points lost and neither scored 4 tries nor lost by 7 points or fewer.


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