On the Men's side, it's fairly simple & unambiguous. Men's tennis events for the season are classified into 3 tiers. ATP Masters 1000, ATP 500 & ATP 250 in decreasing order of importance based on points.

However, on the Women's side, there seems to be 3 tiers but the events are classified as WTA Premier & WTA international in decreasing order of importance based on points. But at this point it gets ambiguous. Taking into account the recent tournaments, WTA Tokyo(concluded today) & WTA Wuhan(starting today) are listed as WTA Premier events. But WTA Tokyo awards 470 points while WTA Wuhan awards 900 points.

So how can I unambiguously classify WTA events based on tiers? Also please list all the WTA events in a season which are Tier 1(900 points events)

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In 2009 WTA has reformed categories for tournaments (source).

Since 2009 tournaments are splitted in:

  • 4 Premier Mandatory (1000 points each)
  • 5 Premier 5 (900 points)
  • 12 Premier (470 points)

  • several international tournaments (280 points)

Obiovously the most important tournaments are:

  • 4 Grand Slam (2000 points each)
  • WTA finals (1500 points)

Befor 2009 the tournaments could be: Tier I, Tier II, Tier III, Tier IV

  • It seems WTA, changes the category of events faster than comprehension. They downgraded Tokyo & brought in Wuhan in 2014. They did it with Qatar in 2015 Commented Sep 28, 2015 at 7:12

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