I was watching a Div. I NCAA football game today. A PAT was blocked and one of the defenders picked the ball up. The announcer said that it was a live ball.

What are the possible outcomes in this situation? I believe in the NFL that once a PAT is blocked, the ball is dead.


If the ball is in the field of play, it is now a live ball. The defending team can pick it up and run it all the way back for a 2 point conversion. Same thing counts for fumbles and interceptions.

First time it happened when the college rule changed was Kansas State beat Indiana State on a 2 point interception return. https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1290&dat=19910908&id=STBUAAAAIBAJ&sjid=Do0DAAAAIBAJ&pg=3020,3347106&hl=en

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