Currently I know that in a baseball game (Major League Baseball), a sacrifice fly is scored to the batter acting in an attempt to forfeit their attempt at a score (aka get on base) to allow someone else a chance to score (when there are less than two outs).

The question is does the fielder who catches the sac fly still get credit with a putout? I would like to say YES but the scorebook I'm using is showing empty box. I know that the batter is not credited as having an official at bat.

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Yes, the fielder gets credited with a putout. Per the MLB rulebook, 9.09(a):

(a) The official scorer shall credit a putout to each fielder who

(1) catches a ball that is in flight, whether fair or foul;

(2) catches a batted or thrown ball and tags a base to put out a batter or runner; or

Rule 9.09(a)(2) Comment: The official scorer shall credit a fielder with a putout if such fielder catches a thrown ball and tags a base to record an out on an appeal play.

(3) tags a runner when the runner is off the base to which the runner is entitled.

No exception is made for sacrifices of any sort.

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