In American NFL football, team captains now wear a "C" on their jerseys.

Under the "C", there are stars. Some players have white stars, while others have gold ones. Others have a mix.

What is the significance of the stars?

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From: NFL 6th (consecutive) year captain patch

the number of gold stars filled in represents the number of consecutive years a player has been captain for his team.

If each star is gold and the "C" is gold, then that player has been a captain for his team for 5 or more years(1).

The white stars represent an empty placeholder for the gold stars. For example, if a player has two gold stars and two white stars, that represents that player has been a captain for that team for two years. See the table below:

White | Gold  | Meaning
0     | 4 + C | 5th year or more as captain for his team
0     | 4     | 4th year as captain for his team
1     | 3     | 3rd ...
2     | 2     | 2nd ...
3     | 1     | 1st ...
4     | 0     | represents 0 years of being a captain for his team*

* - I don't think this exists to wear.

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