When looking at the men's winners in the 2016 Alpine Skiing World Cup, there are 17 wins for Norwegian skiers. Is this already a record for most wins for a nation, or the skiers from another country achieved more wins for a season?

  • 2000 season - Austrian team with 26 wins.
  • 2001 season - Austrian team with 24 wins.
  • 2016 season - Norwegian team with 19 wins.
  • 2005 season - Austrian team with 19 wins.

I couldn't find official statistic, but I've manually checked all the possible seasons starting 1970.

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Norway hits 19 wins this morning (March 12th, 2016) in Kvitfjell (Nor). It's now the new standard. And the season isn't over yet !! Heia Norge !!

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  • I'm sorry @user11000, but it seems I was wrong with my previous search. So I needed to change it. It's really hard, cause I cannot find official records. Anyway if you think something is wrong, please correct me. – Lipata Mar 13 '16 at 22:47

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