Who are the players that has more than 400 goals in all club competitions, combined for all the teams that they have played. Excluding friendly matches and counting only domestic cups, the domestic top-flight league and official international club games.

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  • According to this list, this could be Bican, Puskás, Schlosser, Zsengellér, McGrory and Müller.
    – Martin
    Feb 23, 2016 at 16:34
  • Here is one link: facebook.com/culedefcbarcelona/photos/…
    – Lipata
    Mar 9, 2016 at 17:31
  • Maybe you should clarify a bit what exactly is meant by all club competitions. For example, would you count Lionel Messi's goals for Barcelona B and Barcelona C in lower-level competitions. I guess it would be reasonable to restrict domestic competitions to domestic cups and top-flight leagues. (I do not know how likely it is, but it is not unthinkable that some player in some very low competition scored 400 goals.)
    – Martin
    Jan 2, 2017 at 8:15
  • There is also a Wikipedia article List of men's footballers with 500 or more goals. (However, it counts both goals scored for the national team and goals scored in club competitions.)
    – Martin
    Jun 29, 2019 at 6:11

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Posting a probably incomplete list as a CW answer. (So that other users can improve it.)

Where the statistics on various sites are different, the numbers given here follow Wikipedia.

# Player Goals
1 Josef "Pepi" Bican more than 770JB
2 Cristiano Ronaldo 701CR
3 Lionel Messi 700LM
4 Ferenc Puskás 606
5 Ference Deák 576
6 Gerd Müller 563GM
7 Ernst Wilimowski 554EW
8 Jimmy McGrory 538
9 Robert Lewandowski 513RL
10 Imre Schlosser 476IS
11 Eusébio 473EUS
12 Zlatan Ibrahimović 457ZI
13 Luis Suárez 440LS
14 Karim Benzema 407KB

JB More than 805 goals according to RSSSF in all competitive matches. This probably includes 34 international goals.
GM He scored 655 goals according to Wikipedia, but this includes 92 goals in Bezirksliga Schwaben and Regionalliga Süd.
LM As of 26 Feb 2023. Goals scored for Barcelona B and Barcelona C in lower level competitions are not counted here.
CR As of 6 Nov 2022.
IS According to Wikipedia, he scored 417 goals in club appearances and 59 international goals.
EW He scored 554 goals in official matches according to RSSSF.
EUSOnly goals for Benfica - the rest of his career he played outside of Europe.
ZIAs of 22 May 2022. 53 goals scored for LA Galaxy are not counted here.
LSAs of 22 May 2022. 12 goals for Nacional de Montevideo are not counted here.
RLAs of 26 February 2023. 41 goals for Lech Poznań, 103 goals for Borussia Dortmund and 344 goals for Bayern Munich, 25 goals for Barcelona.
KBAs of 25 February 2023. 66 goals for Lyon, 341 goals for Real Madrid.


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