I want to know how the conversion rate is calculated in the Premier League for example. I tried to make a report like shots/goals but it seems it's not the correct one. Any suggestions?

I'm looking for the method to calculate the conversion rate of shots. Something like what is showed in this link. It says that Diego Costa has an approximately 26% conversion rate.

I tried to divide shots on goal with goals scored but it's seems I'm not doing it the right way.


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Using your example it looks as thought the definition is simply:

Conversion Rate = Goals scored / Total shots

From the information that in 2014/2015 Diego Costa had 2.9 Shots per game in 26 games, we know that he had a total of 75 or 76 shots over the season (both 75/26 and 76/26 round to 2.9 when 1 decimal place is used). He scored 20 goals, and using the value of 76 shots the conversion rate is 20/76 = 26.3%

This irish sports site uses the definition percentage shots scored for conversion rate, which supports the above definition.

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