I have an extension in my web browser that brings up an aerial photo from different parts of the world each time I open a new tab. A couple of days ago it was an image from Tokyo (I think), with a kind of sports field that I haven't seen before. I'm not able to find that image now, as the browser extension only remembers the last 10 or so images.

Here's how I remember it:

Some sports field

It could have been a soccer field, if the penalty area didn't have rounded corners. Also, I am unable to say anything about the dimensions of the field.

What sport is played here?

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One place this type of field can be found is at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, which includes a futsal court that is consistent with your findings.

Which sport is played on this field?

Futsal, a variant of football/fùtbol (also known as soccer in the US).

futsal field

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    You are right! Now that I know I was looking at a futsal court, I was able to find back to the image I had been looking at. It was indeed the Adidas Futsal Park. May 13, 2016 at 8:52

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