I need to find international rules on how arms should be located during benchpress in Powerlifting competition. So

Which rules govern hands on bar during benchpress in Powerlifting competition?

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Technical rules govers the hands and the part 6 on page 17 where I bold the key things

The spacing of the hands shall not exceed 81 cm measured between the forefingers (both forefingers must be within the 81 cm marks and the whole of the forefingers must be in contact with the 81 cm marks if maximum grip is used). The use of the reverse grip is forbidden."

where the most bars have marks that your hands must not reveal during the lift. Also notice the rule 2 with

His hands and fingers must grip the bar positioned in the rack stands with a thumbs around grip.

where any change in the elected lifting position would cause Yellow card. Powerlifting has three cards: red, blue and yellow that can be used to claim a failure, more an page 8-9.

The rules governs the bar and knurling distances as well, more on page 5

enter image description here

where notice the part 1 and 6. If you are looking for a bar, make sure that they comply with the rules -- recretional bars can fail in the weights, knurling and quality.

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