I'm looking to install a pool table but I'm not sure if it is possible in the space I have.

The area is 8.5' by 17' (2.6m x 5.2m).

Would this be enough room to play any sized table without play being hindered?

  • What type of Pool do you want to use? English 8-ball (also known as Blackball), for example, is a much smaller playing area than the American 8- and 9-ball tables, but I think even then you would be struggling to hit the ball cleanly off the cushion.
    – sequoiad
    Commented Jun 13, 2016 at 15:41

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TL;DR: Your room is too small to allow you to easily play pool.

These are the table dimensions and their respective recommended room dimensions:

Biliards and table bowls

  • 260cm x 130cm table requires a 540cm x 410cm room
  • 270cm x 135cm table requires a 550cm x 415cm room
  • 280cm x 140cm table requires a 560cm x 420cm room

Russian Pyramid

  • 284cm x 142cm table requires a 564cm x 522cm room
  • 314cm x 157cm table requires a 594cm x 437cm room
  • 346cm x 173cm table requires a 626cm x 460cm room
  • 360cm x 180cm table requires a 640cm x 460cm room

International model without pockets

  • 284cm x 142cm table requires a 564cm x 422cm room

Smaller size tables

  • 250cm x 125cm table requires a 530cm x 405cm room
  • 240cm x 120cm table requires a 520cm x 400cm room
  • 230cm x 115cm table requires a 510cm x 395cm room

American Pool

  • 254cm x 127cm table requires a 534cm x 407cm room
  • 224cm x 112cm table requires a 504cm x 392cm room

The minimum for the short side of the room is around 13".

The basic rule is that you need 4.5" all around the table to allow a player to "enter" the cue.


A standard pool table is 5 feet by 10 feet, leaving 1.5 feet at each side of it, if installed in your room.
The average person would struggle to walk around your table, let alone play on it.
There are smaller sizes of table, but given the standard cue of 4 to 5 feet and the need for at least half that distance in making a stroke from the cushion, you would barely get 1 foot of playing surface across. Suffice it to say, you do not have enough space for playing pool.

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    standard where? In the US, tournament sized is 9x4.5 feet.
    – Keltari
    Commented Oct 18, 2019 at 10:49

Use this to visualize it. You need more space to make shots against the rail, even for a 7-foot (bar size) pool table. If it's just for fun or if you have shorter pool cues, you might be able to get by. Ideally, you should have 40% extra room for a standard 4.9' pool cue for stroking, which would require an extra 6.9' offset on each side of the pool table, excluding obstacles in the room.


enter image description here

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