I've read many soccer statistics and I'm almost sure there is no current figure of how many assists Maradona made while playing for Argentina, but on the other hand, all Maradona's games are recorded and it's possible to get those stats. Have anyone calculated Maradona's assists for Argentina?


"Assists" in football are a (relatively) modern statistic and weren't collected in Maradona's playing days. Unless anyone has been through recordings of every international match Maradona played (assuming that video exists of them all, which is by no means guaranteed), this statistic isn't going to be available.

  • yes, video exists of all of them, that's why I said it could be made. Many statistics that later were incorporated by federations were started by common people. FIFA has published stats like that in his website, also CONMEBOL, etc. it doesnt have to be made by an official entity as long as it is correctly made, same for goals – Pablo Jun 25 '16 at 17:28

Finally, they seem to be available. They are being compiled on the Spanish version of Wikipedia.

Club assists: 208

National team assists (including u-20 assists) 33+22 = 55.

Total senior assists: 241

Total assists including U-20: 263

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