I've read some vague explanations of how the Castrol Index works but none of them explain it in details. Does anyone knows how it works in detail?


Found an Article from uefa.com, you can read more from the link, but I think there won't be more in-depth data on the analysis and it's formulas.

With raw match data provided via systems installed by UEFA in stadiums, Castrol believe by implementing their own mathematical formulae their index will provide the football audience with a new perspective on the sport.

"It's based on missile technology with 16 cameras placed in the stadium gantry to monitor in real time the movements of 22 players, three match officials and the ball," said Vijay Solanki, head of marketing services at Castrol Europe.

"As a result it allows us to produce some amazing measurements we have never had before in football. You can see the speed, distance run and zonal movements of the players.

This is from wiki page, but the reference links in wiki page are broken.

The Castrol Index is a rolling ranking system that measures performance of every football player across Europe's top five leagues during the course of a 12-month period. Rankings are published monthly.

To get Castrol Index Ranking, first "Castrol Index Score" is calculated for every player in every league and Champions league match, then the score weighted to get "Castrol Ranking points", and lastly, cumulative points from every match during the 12-month period are multiplied with 90 and divided by total minutes played.

Weightings are different in every league and are adjusted after every season by strength of every league. For example, Champions league knock-out stage has biggest weight.

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  • I think they dont give the full explanation to not make his procedure questionable – Pablo Jul 14 '16 at 11:45
  • 1
    @Pablo, also it is Castrol's business, so no one shares their business logic in depth with the public. – Arun Xavier Jul 14 '16 at 13:01

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