What teams, in the four major North American leagues (NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB), won their first ever game?

This includes both expansion franchises (e.g., Minnesota Wild) and relocations (e.g., Atlanta Thrashers -> Winnipeg Jets, Seattle SuperSonics -> Oklahoma City Thunder).

I take it is easier for recent additions or relocations, but it is somewhat harder to determine, for example, if the Ottawa Senators of the NHL won their first ever game, in 1917, the year the original team joined the NHL.

This is what I have figured out so far:


  • Vancouver Grizzlies (beat the Portland TrailBlazers 92-80 on Nov 3, 1995)
  • Toronto Raptors (beat the New Jersey Nets 94-79 on Nov 3, 1995)


  • Colorado Avalanche (beat the Detroit Red Wings 3-2 on Oct 6, 1995)
  • Atlanta Flames (beat the NY Islanders 3-2 on Oct 7, 1972)
  • Dallas Stars (beat the Detroit Red Wings 6-4 on Oct 5, 1993)


  • Montreal Expos (beat the NY Mets 11-10 on Apr 8, 1969)


  • Houston Texans (beat the Dallas Cowboys 19-10 on Sep 8, 2002)
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If you can count their first appearance being an exhibition game, the Orlando Magic won their first ever appearance against the Detroit Pistons in 1989.

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